Reimagining a Disney Classic

Actor Alfre Woodard in Disney's the Lion King

Woodard (’74, Hon.’04) talks with The Lion King producer John Bartnicki (BUTI’02, CFA’07) about reimagining a Disney classic

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Mapping an Opera

Mapping an Opera

How composer Nico Muhly (BUTI’96,’97) gets from a blank page to the Met

The New Black

The Real Thing

Russell Hornsby (’96) brings complexity and grace to a new kind of role in The Hate U Give

Music Ecosystem

Saving the Classical Music Ecosystem

Criticism and classical music adapt—and remain relevant

A Language of Time and Space

A Language of Time and Space

Sculptor Won Ju Lim draws on architecture to create futuristic, cinematic worlds

Art at the Heart of BU

Art at the Heart of BU

Artists work with unexpected canvases throughout campus

Rising Star: Court Artist

Court Artist

Get to know Maria Molteni (’06), whose influences defy categorization



The vastness of a prairie view and a roll of blank paper gave cartoonist Nicole Hollander (’66) space to sketch her past

Women and Gender Bias in Post-#MeToo Hollywood

Alums Take On Gender Bias in Post-#MeToo Hollywood

Actress and executive producer Kim Raver (’91) and other CFA alums spoke at BU Envisions the Future

Popup Gallery

Pop-up Gallery

Sarah Stieber (’10)–named one of 15 Female Artists You Need to Know–exhibited her electric, realist paintings in her pop-up gallery

Conversations Between Women

Conversations Between Women

A 2018 exhibition at BU Art Galleries presented work by CFA faculty and their former mentors and students